Organizing your home before you move is crucial to the moving process.  If there is no palmdale residential moversorganization done on the front end you may end up feeling overwhelmed and helpless when it comes time to move!  As seasoned Palmdale household movers we here at Farley Brothers have put together a basic list for you to use during the moving process.  Take a look at steps one through four:

1. Purge – Step one is always purge purge purge! Remove all of the clutter from you home before you even think about organizing and preparing for your move. You will be surprised at all of the bits and pieces you have accumulated over the year/years of living in your current space.  It will feel great to donate/pitch all of these items and reduce your load for moving. 2.  Start with garage and outdoor items - Begin with organizing your largest items such as lawnmowers outdoor furniture, grilling equipment etc.  These items can be bundled and tracked.  They are also not every day items and can be packed early on. 3.  Room by room- After your outdoor and garage equipment is situated  you want to begin organizing your smaller items room by room.  We suggest you start with dens and spare bedrooms and end with the kitchen and used bedrooms.  This step requires you to gather all box-able items room by room that will be accompanying you in your move.  Pack into boxes and label with the room they will be moving to in the new residence. 4.  Large belongings– After everything has been boxed and cleared out of furniture etc the next step is to track and organize the large belongings that will be joining you in your move.  These items include furniture-couches, tables etc and other items such as pianos and rugs.  Your dressers will be cleared out- make sure to have specialized moving tape to protect these items.  There are always customizable packing packages provided by your furniture movers in Palmdale if you feel this isn’t something you want to tackle.

And remember track everything with a master list.  You want to make sure that throughout the process you are tracking what is and is not coming.  At the end you will have a comprehensive list that you can then present to your moving coordinator so they can get a better idea of what they have to work with.  Of course your local Palmdale movers will be doing an estimate but it is always helpful to provide a second estimate after you have organized the home for your move.   The more organized the better! To be sure to have the most seamless move possible call us today for your free quote!

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