Whether you’re in the process of a big move or simply need to free up some more space in your current home, a storage unit can be a great asset. To get the most out of your space, however, it’s extremely important that you plan ahead and stay organized. That way, you know exactly what you’re storing and what boxes or containers everything is in, so retrieval is quick and easy. Here are some helpful tips to follow in order to make sure your belongings stay safe and secure in your storage unit:

1.  Make (and keep!) an inventory list.

Make sure that you write down the details of every item that you plan to keep in your storage container. The item description, serial number if applicable, condition and number of items are great notes to have, especially for more expensive items like electronics and furniture. You should also take pictures when you can and make sure that the list is always up-to-date.

2.  Label, label, label.

When packing, also make sure to label the contents of each box with as much detail as possible. For example, “4 cooking pans, 1 silverware set and 3 cooking dishes” is a lot more helpful than simply, “kitchen,” especially when you are looking for a certain item. Numbering the boxes according to room is also helpful when unpacking and sorting. “Dishes and glassware – box 2 of 4” helps you know exactly what contents you have and helps keep you alerted to any possible missing items or boxes.

3.  Smart packing.

When packing the storage unit itself, it’s always helpful to start with the largest, most cumbersome items placed toward the back like furniture, appliances, etc. These items will probably be the ones you’re least likely to need access to before they’re moved to their final location. Keeping larger items at the back also allows you easier access to smaller containers toward the front of the unit.

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