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Finding a place to live in Los Angeles County is hard enough, let alone one that’s affordable and matches your lifestyle. To help you out, our Los Angeles County movers have compiled a list of some safe and affordable areas to live in…

1.  Playa del Ray: Perfect if you’re looking for a beachside community, Play del Rey’s beautiful beaches and fun local cuisine make up a lively setting. The Playa del Ray culture is unbeatable; you’ll never run out of fun things to do. Its extremely low crime rate and affordable living costs make for a great community.

2.  Encino: Described as an affluent neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region, Encino is home to many excellent schools. It is a great place to raise a family due to its low crime rate and prominent parks and recreation activities.

3.  Mar Vista: Known for its culture and diversity, Mar Vista’s atmosphere is always exciting. The Mar Vista Recreation Center is a big hit with residents, as well as the Los Angeles Public Library located within the city.

4.  Tarzana: A sunny residential community, Tarzana is home to about 40,000 friendly inhabitants. With a low crime per capita, it is a very safe area to live in. This residential community is a great place to settle down.

5.  Temple City: Temple City is known for its flourishing diversity and numerous recreational activities. It has a considerably lower average rent costs and crime rates. It is particularly known for its city-wide events such as the Camellia Festival, the Parish Fiesta, and the Farmer’s Market.

It’s important to research and visit potential neighborhoods so you get a good idea of the Los Angeles feel. As a Los Angeles County moving company, we know all the secrets of the area. For more information, call to speak with one of our moving experts today. If you’re ready to get started with our Los Angeles County movers, fill out our online form for your free quote now! 

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