We here at Farley Bros of Lancaster know moving can be stressful even to the most organized and prepared individuals.  With over 50 years experience as Lancaster movers we have a pretty good idea of what to do to cut that stress.  We then decided to compile our knowledge into a list of moving tips to help you out!  Below are four moving tips that we think will help you lancaster moverson your big day.  Be sure to check back as this is only part one of our moving tip compilation!

1. Color coordinate - Color coordinating your boxes either by using tape or markers can drastically help you when you arrive at your new home.  For example all red marked boxes go in the kitchen all blue to the living room, all green to bedroom number one. The good thing about color coordinating is it’s a fast way to see where a box is to go.  All you need to do is check the color and you or your moving professional know where it goes!  This is much easier than trying to remember where box #67 is supposed to be placed. 2. Use luggage as transport equipment- You can transport some of your clothing or other items in your luggage!  This eliminates the need of extra boxes and can cut costs. 3.  Personal items- Keep important paper work with you for the move.  Things that are very important should travel with you- birth certificates, realtor info, maps, bank account, checkbooks etc.  Things like your ID or passport especially since you will most likely need this to travel.  Pack these important items in your overnight bag. 4. Pack an overnight bag- Remember to pack an overnight bag the day before your move.  This bag can include clothes for the next day, toothbrush, and bathroom supplies; things that you will need the next morning for the move.

Remember that doing everything ahead of time is the key.  Stay organized and plan ahead!  This will drastically reduce your stress level as moving day approaches.  Remember these few helpful tips and be sure to check out future articles on this topic!  As seasoned  Lancaster household movers we are always here to help!  Call with your questions or to request your free quote today!

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