If you're looking to save some money with a do-it-yourself move, you could be setting yourself up for a stressful time. At Farley Brothers of Lancaster, our movers understand exactly what it takes to pack for a successful move. But while our packing services are cost-effective and unrivaled in terms of quality, we understand that sometimes it's something you might want to do yourself. To help, our Santa Clarita movers have put together a step-by-step guide so you can move with confidence while packing yourself.

1. Get It Together – First things first. Get your packing supplies together. This includes bubble wrap, old newspapers, scissors, packing tape, a permanent marker, wrapping sheets, and of course strong boxes. If you have old clothes that are unfit for donation, consider using them as padding and wrapping for delicate items as well.

2. Organization is Key – It's easy to lose track of important things when you start putting boxes together. Create a file with important paperwork like receipts, documentation, payment codes, pet records, birth certificates, and insurance information.

3. Open First Box and Personal Box – Your open first box should be essential things you'll need in your new home. This can include toothbrushes and toothpaste, a roll of toilet paper, scissors to open your boxes, etc. You can also create an open first box that is individual to each family member. This personal box should include a change of clothes and underwear and a favorite toy if it is a child.

4. Snapshot – Take a picture of complicated wiring that you'll need to reference when you arrive. If you have a media console or TV with lots of wiring, taking a picture can help make setting it all up again a lot easier.

5. Packing Time! – When it comes time to pack, try to keep like-minded things together. For example keep wires with their electronics and keep plates together in the same box. Always keep fragile items on top and heavier items on the bottom. Don't over pack a box by periodically checking its weight. Be sure to sufficiently pad all fragile glassware or plates with crumpled paper. Try to keep as little air out of a box as possible to reduce movement during transit.

6. Labeling – As you pack be sure to label your boxes with a market or labeler. Your label should say what room the box should go in. It may also be helpful to create a list of which boxes important items are in so you can retrieve them quickly if you need to. Be sure to label fragile items as such.

7. Final Prep – Count your boxes and do a final walkthrough of your home in case you are missing anything. If your boxes need to be stacked, be sure to keep larger and heavier boxes on the bottom and lighter ones on top.

For a reliable Santa Clarita moving company you can count on, trust the moving experts at Farley Bros. for your next relocation. We offer premium packing and unpacking services as well as custom crating solutions for hard-to-pack items. Call us to learn more about our moving solutions or fill out our online form for your free moving estimate.

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