Most people probably haven’t heard of Santa Clarita, California…

…and you just got the news that you are moving there.

You probably have a lot of thoughts running through your brain. Where will we live? How are the schools? Is it a safe area? Is there a Starbucks or Target? Is there anything to do?

While we can’t decide where you are going to live for you, we can answer a few of the other lingering questions.  The community is one of the safest cities in California. It also has excellent schools for your children.  And yes, there are multiple Starbucks and a couple of Targets.

Now, when it comes to fun activities in Santa Clarita there are several options. Family fun comes in a wide variety of options here. Everything from amusement parks to hiking!

Six Flags- Santa Clarita is just south of Six Flags Magic Mountain. This theme park is full of rides, shows, and shopping. It has something for everyone! From daring thrill rides to kid friendly coasters to water rides, you are sure to find something to fit your speed.

Vasques Rocks- This natural rock formation has been getting attention from geologists and Hollywood directors alike.  It is a beautiful spot that seems out of this world.  Several movies have been filmed in these breathtaking rocks and you can experience their splendor yourself.

Mountasia Family Fun Center- This fun filled family center is filled with a wide variety of attractions. They have everything from go karts to mini golf to lazer tag.  Blow off some steam from the move with a family night out at Mountasia Family Fun Center!

Moving can be stressful and it can be especially difficult if you aren’t familiar with your new home.  If you are moving to Santa Clarita, contact us at Farley Brothers of Lancaster. Our Santa Clarita residential movers have the expertise and tools necessary to perform a smooth relocation.  Call or visit our website for your free quote!

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