Lancaster mover, Farley Brothers of Lancaster, have been moving families across the globe for years.  Our experience and expertise have enabled us to learn some tips and tricks to make your life a little easier when moving with little ones.

Moving with children can be extremely difficult and there is a fine line that between including them and leaving them out.  Including them helps them feel part of the process, but leaving them out can keep them out of the way during the packing and moving process.

Here are some tips that can help you manage that fine line:

  • Get Them Excited- Show them the new house and the new neighborhood. Give them ideas of what they can look forward to such as activities, restaurants, and places to visit.
  • Let Them Decorate- Another way to include them in a fun and exciting way is to let them decorate their room.  Feel free to reign them in a bit, but don’t be afraid to run with their fun ideas.
  • Declutter at Night- Once the kids have been put to bed, the trash bags come out.  If you kids see that some of those toys they never play with are going to Goodwill, they will probably throw a fit.  It’s best to keep these out of sight and out of mind.
  • Babysitter for Moving Day- The easiest way to ensure the safety and to minimize emotional breakdowns is to get a babysitter for the day.  Send them to their grandparents or a neighbor’s house down the street. This will make sure they don’t get in the way and it will prevent them from seeing all of their items put on a truck and shipped away.
  • Make the Trip Fun- Make the road trip to the new home exciting. Giving them something to look forward to before the moving truck arrives by setting up fun stops along the way.  This will also help dampen the blow of the goodbye.

For more moving tips and to learn more about our Lancaster residential moving services, contact the professionals at Farley Brothers.  Call or visit our website to get your FREE quote today! 

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