Here at Farley Brothers of Lancaster we know how difficult it can be to move long distances while keeping in touch with the people who are closest to you. While it’s hard to experience this kind of separation from friends and family, it doesn’t mean our relationships have to come to an end. We are Santa Clarita movers who in our 60 plus years in the business have learned more than a thing or two about making your move physically and emotionally less taxing, but more importantly have learned some simple and effective ways of staying connected with the people we leave behind.  

Simple Ways to Keep in Touch after a Long Move

Text and email a few times each week

Texting and sending emails are great because they provide a sense of spontaneity when you are able to communicate your thoughts several times in a week whenever something new happens in your life. Stay up-to-date with one another and encourage the opportunity to get more in-depth with your conversations. Spontaneity will let others know that they are still very much in your thoughts.

Stay connected using social networking sites

Social networking sites aren’t just for teenagers. They are great for staying in close contact with your loved ones no matter where they are in the world. Join in on conversations, reply to status updates, and send direct messages often. Don’t feel guilty about “stalking” your buddies. If they are an important part of your inner circle, they will be happy you’re making the effort to remain in their lives.

Make a personal call or jump on a video chat

Talking on the phone used to be a lot more expensive than it is today. Now, you can place a cross-country call without having to pay extra on most mobile plans.  A simple email or text made earlier in the week can easily turn into a two-hour call on the weekend. Give your communications a more personal touch by jumping on a video chat. Time spent chatting face-to-face will make you feel more connected with the ones you love.

Don’t make the pressures of a long-distance move get in the way of making the best out of the personal time you have with your friends and family. Give Farley Brothers of Lancaster a call today or visit our site for additional tips for staying in touch. We are a Santa Clarita moving company with years’ of expertise in making your cross-country moving experience the best it can be.

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