If your residential move is right around the corner, but you’re concerned about moving your antiques, you’re not alone! Most homeowners worry about their antiques getting damaged or breaking during a move. That’s why we recommend hiring a trusted Southern California moving company to move your delicate china cabinet, bedroom set, or armoire. 

Our skilled movers are trained in antique furniture moving techniques, so you can be sure your belongings are being handled by professionals. In preparation for your move, we recommend you complete the following steps so you can enjoy maximum peace of mind while your antiques are on the road:

Step 1: Get a Professional Appraisal 

Should the worst happen and your antiques get damaged while being transported, you want to make sure you’re aware of how much each one costs. Depending on the value of each antique, you may decide to move it separately from the rest of your items, insure it, or have them moved by a professional antique moving company. 

Consult the experts at the American Society of Appraisers to get a precise number. You want to know exactly how much your antique sofa and chairs are worth.

Step 2: Consider Getting Insurance

A lot of homeowner insurance policies come with protection for antiques—but not all of them! Make sure you go over your homeowner’s or renter’s policy before moving your valuables. If your antiques aren’t covered, you might want to get a separate insurance policy in order to be safe. Once you’re clear on what’s covered, you can start physically preparing your belongings for the move. 

Step 3: Wrap Antiques Tightly 

The first layer of protection is meant to keep your objects, furniture, or artwork clean and unscathed. The type of protection that should be used depends on the item. Non-acidic archival tissue is a good protective layer for porous items. Stretch wrap is a better option for glass and wooden furniture.

It’s important to wrap items airtight. This prevents the corners and edges of your desk and bureau from chipping while in transit. 

Step 4: Protect Against Shock and Vibration Damage

After your items are covered with stretch wrap, you want to protect your furniture and small antiques against the bumps they’ll face on the road. By pad-wrapping your credenza and placing moving blankets over your canopy bed, we’ll make sure all shocks are absorbed before ever getting to your antique furniture.

Step 5: Place in Custom Wooden Crates

The third and final layer of protection you should consider is crating! By placing your antiques in custom crates we’ll make sure they’re shielded from the strongest impacts of the trip. Custom crating options guarantee your valuables won’t move while they are in transit. 

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