If you’re moving long distance, there is more ahead of you than the miles of road you will travel. With so much to get done before moving day, during your move, and after, it can be difficult to plan a proper course. 

Below you will find five useful tips from an established Lancaster long distance moving company that can help you navigate the challenges ahead more easily and affordably. 

Tip #1: Book Your Mover Early

The last thing you want is to find yourself in a mad rush to get it all done in a short time span. Plus, quality movers get booked up fast, especially during the summer months when moving companies hit their peak season. The sooner you can book your mover and the sooner you can start planning, the better off you will be! 

Tip #2: Choose a Qualified Mover

This might go without saying, but you will need a reliable long distance mover. Keep in mind that not all moving companies are qualified to move household goods between states. To avoid unnecessary hassle, find a moving company that offers interstate moving services. 

How can you tell if your mover provides this service? You can look for affiliations with established van lines or you can simply call and ask. Another option is to check out their customer service reviews. 

Tip #3: Consider the Timing of Your Move

Do you expect a lapse in time between when your household items are moved and your arrival at your new home? You don’t want your valuables to arrive before you do, so if this could be the case then you might consider adding short-term storage to your moving plan. Most long distance movers offer this service so you can rest assured knowing that your belongings are kept safe for as long as you need. 

Tip #4: Get the Right Protection Plan

Moving companies are required by law to provide basic protection against property damage during your move. However, they are not required to provide compensation for the full purchase price of every item. Most protection plans are based on weight, not value. If you want more assurance, ask your mover about their valuation protection plans. 

Tip #5: Establish Your Moving Needs

Before your move, do a detailed inventory of your household belongings. Which items will you move and which will you sell, donate, or trash? Which items will you move yourself and which items will you leave to the moving crew? 

Why does this matter?

You can save a lot of time, money, and hassle by having your moving needs established before your moving day. Most moving costs are based on the weight of the load to be moved, so if you have extra furniture and appliances you can do without, get rid of them. You might also opt to move some small, valuable items yourself instead of depending on the movers, like jewelry or documents, for example. 

Do you need reliable Lancaster long-distance movers?

A lot goes into a successful long distance move, but the process can be shockingly simple with help form the right movers. 

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