Piano Movers

Servicing two towns - Lancaster and Palmdale, Calif. - with the same mission of moving your baby, grand or spinet piano, the Farley Brothers of Lancaster Inc. movers work delicately and with precision. We are the Palmdale piano moving company that spends the time measuring the exits of your home or apartment to ensure the piano leaves without a scratch. After determining the proper exit, the Palmdale piano movers pad the doorways, stairways and tight hallways to avoid damage to your piano. With our piano shipping experts you won't have to worry about the condition of your piano.

Piano shipping done by the expert Lancaster piano movers is just as seamless. Moving a piano should only be handled by the professionals at Farley Brothers of Lancaster Inc. They know how to disassemble and package the individual parts of this large musical instrument. The main body of the piano must be protected by tightly wrapped padding because of the multiple strings residing inside of it. These strings make the instrument fragile because any shifting of the strings can cause the tuning of the piano to be off.

Piano Shipping

The Palmdale piano movers have a team of experts that can safely and quickly transport your piano. Efficient and within your budget is the kind of piano shipping we can provide. Choose the Palmdale piano movers just north of L.A. If you live further north, choose the Lancaster piano movers.

Moving a piano can be hassle if you do not have the proper tools or equipment, like a dolly. Don't attempt to move a piano yourself without the proper equipment or knowledge because not only might you damage the piano, but you might hurt yourself. Call the Palmdale piano movers for your piano shipping needs to anywhere in the world. The Palmdale piano moving company will be happy to assist you with your complex, fragile instrument using the correct piano moving methods.